FAILED / failing Tandem pump, replaced or advised to??


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Have you replaced your tandem pump on your Audi?
Have you been advised to replace it?
Does your car suffer from hesitation, poor starting ( fuel run back ) or similar hard starts in the morning?

I see the internet littered with posts on this subject on Audi's and VW's and am trying to build a picture of how many, where, what models etc?

Please see below....

Audi have recomended a intank lift pump and or Tandem pump to help cure the issues.
Audi Technik today confirmed that there does seem to be low pressure and that the tandem pump seems to be failing

Seriously ***??
I had mine replaced under warranty on 05/08/2009 at 59k miles and now at 23/04/2013 and 102k miles I need another one!!

Are these parts made of chocolate??

Audi Technik have quoted £422.62 to replace tandem pump and see where it is from there.

Audi are looking at replacing tandem pump, intank lift pump, injector seals, various nuts & bolts + labour at, wait for it........£1460.00

I have a funny feeling that there will be a phone call to Audi in my very near future

Replacing tandem pumps every 2-3 years or 40k - 50k miles........I don't think so!!

If you have any of these or similar issues with your vehicle and have been advised to replace the lift pump or tandem pump, or have already done so I'd appreciate input here so I can build a picture

Personally, I think we're paying for a poor design feature here, along the lines of the VW corrosion on the wings etc, but without the warranty to back it up...Thats not to say we need to take it lying down.

Hope to hear.......


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It's my birthday
A Genuine brand new tandem pump can be had for £210 on a certain internet auction site. An hours labour (tops) to fit it too. I think someones trying their luck, & yes they are a poor design!


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I had to replace the tandem pump on my old A3 140TDI. It started to get real jumpy under acceleration and would be difficult to start. When the fuel filter was changed the housing was full of oil so the tandem fuel pump was diagnosed and subsequently changed along with 4 injector and afew other components.....luckily all under warranty.


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Hi all,
well as stated, I made the call to Audi customer services and we had a nice long chat about my issues a few days ago.

They said that they would have to check with the dealership and would get back to me later that day, but they never did. I was busy with work and a few other things, one being my 17 yr old son ( teaching him to drive and getting ready for his test )

Just for the record, he passed first time yesterday, has his own car and now insured to drive>>>proud father

He's working as a tyre fitter apprentice but getting pretty poor wages....The BIG bonus also yesterday was that he got a call from Kwik Fit to attend an interview in 45 mins time, he went, got the job and starts in a week or so time & DOUBLES his salary


As you can see I was busy so my return call to Audi had slipped but I was prepared to call them today on this.

I didn't need to bother, as they called me around 10 minutes ago, with their findings................

Audi have agreed to take my car in & replace the tendem pump, intank lift pump, injector seals and any other necessary related work
The WHOLE complete job will be done, bearing in mind Audi quoted me £1460, for.....wait for it.......wait for it........



Drum roll........


I'm more than a little pleased as you might

Albeit my car has been serviced regularly, warranty issues etc taken care of there too, but.....It also goes to show what a well timed phone call to customer services & a well thought out plan of attack combined with detailed information can help to achieve.

EDIT - Audi just called, car booked on for next Wednesday with courtesy car to get the work completed