Ex-Squaddie Black Belt Biker 1 vs Chav 0


just think of all the tax you pay so that tossers like that can avoid work,get p*ssed and hassle decent people !
Did he take all the pikeys pies, is that why he's upset? Vote labour....haha so Gordon can carry on f****ng the country up?
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lol read about that in the paper the other day i would of done the same i bet he will not be coming back
i could tell they guy was well trained from the way he was just standing there keeping his cool

I thought that the first time I saw this vid. Working in clubs and bars I see this sort of thing all the time, chavs picking on someone who remains curiously calm and non-aggressive then, out of nowhere, BLAM, one chav on his ***! (chavs really should learn that isn't a sign of weakness... it usually means your gonna get your *** kicked!!).

I love the line "Why you shaking eh?". Well, you little scrote, its probably due to all the adrenalin coursing through his veins because what he really wants to do is turn you into a gibbering wreck that has to be fed through a straw for the rest of your life! SCUM!

I particularly like how the lad crawls his way out the garden and then some other lad quietly closes the gate!! :lmfao:
EFFIN BRILLIANT !!! ha ha.... lol where i live is full of idiot's like this , he got dropped quick , nice little dig to .

He should of put the idiot in a coma or at least took a few of his teeth , there's a gang of *****'s like that round my area they rob break into houses , steel cars , i hate them so much that i would love to just do a drive by with an UZI... i think id sleep much better at night knowing they were dead ..LOL
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