Error Code P18CC Gear Selector Fault


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Hi All,

Just took delivery of an Audi A4 S Line Ultra 2016 .

It's been a couple of days and iv had an error message come up. (Picture Attached)

I have driven another A4 since then and realised that the selector shouldn't move left when on park and when driving on manual it should return to normal position if the P is pressed. Checked with mine and it allows me to move the shifter to the left when on P and wouldn't return from Manual when the P is pressed.

Had a friend run a scan for me and received the following error code: P18CC (Picture Attached)

Any idea on what this is? has anyone else on here had a similar issue and what did you do to resolve it.

Many thanks in advance for your help.


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Hi all,

Took a chance and changed Gear Selector unit. Purchased one online for £70 and was a simple install.

I'm guessing something inside the old unit was broken or interring with the motor.