Eibach Suspension Picture Thread


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Guys I need your input... My car is on SE suspension and I'm thinking to lower it as it looks like a tractor with the 18 inch rotor wheels :)
My main requirement is to keep comfort as this is a daily driver. My other A3 with sport suspension, even though is quite comfy, it's crashy on every road imperfection.
What is your experience with eibach pro kit? I'm not planning to replace the shocks as they are only on 45000 km.
I ran pro-kit on my Quattro and with the stock shocks that had 100000 miles on them it still rode well ish .... I'd say rode like stock

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Order placed!
Here is my white tractor, waiting for the eibach pro kit..


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My car has done 25k miles and has the standard S-Line setup. I am looking for something a little less crashy and have been reading about the eibach pro-kit which from searching the threads seems to help out with the ride and handling.

With only 25k on the shocks what are peoples experiences running the standard shocks with the pro kit?
From what I have been reading changing the springs make all the difference to the sline setup, is it really that much better than the stock setup?


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AFAIK s-line shocks are not standard. Only SE comes with standard shocks. S-Line and sport (ambition) come with stiffer shocks. I have my eibach pro kit waiting to be fitted when I'll service it. The mechanic told me that it's better to change the top mounts as well but my car has only 47k kilometers


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AFAIK s-line shocks are not standard. Only SE comes with standard shocks. S-Line and sport (ambition) come with stiffer shocks. I have my eibach pro kit waiting to be fitted when I'll service it. The mechanic told me that it's better to change the top mounts as well but my car has only 47k kilometers

Ah yes, I meant the standard s-line suspension so s-line shocks


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Here’s my A3 on Bilstein B4 shocks and Eibach Pro-kit springs , running on the factory BBS Pescara alloys shod with 225/40 x 18 Michelin PS4.


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Nice! Exactly the setup I'm looking for (minus the wheels). The stance looks just right. I suppose the ride got better too? Did you change any other suspension hardware/bushings at the same time?


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Yes I renewed everything , front top mounts/top bearings the lot.
I replaced it all as the car was quite high mileage (just over 170K) and I thought it would all be quite tired.
I fitted the Bilstein B4 as I didn’t want a sporty ride , I wanted comfort !
The only negative with the B4 is that being a gas OEM-equivalent shock the ride height *I think* has gone UP by about 5mm LOL, not that it bothers me!
I could have got away by not renewing the dampers but I wanted it all replaced as I didn’t want to be doing more work again in a few months time!
At the same time I replaced the front wheel bearings too so the car had quite a bit of work done to it!
Looking back, what gave the car it’s truly dreadful ride was the factory S-line springs .
They were just awful, the ride quality was just hard hard hard .
With the current set-up it’s firm and no more .
Gone are the days when I’d wince over every pot-hole!


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Thats good to know. I'll be doing exactly that to my 2.0 s-line next year probably. So are the dampers the same between the non s-line and s-line versions? So by going with lets say B6 dampers you would have a more firmly damped and potentially lower ride than the default factory dampers? I read everywhere that B4s are considered OEM direct replacement, regardless of s-line or not.

Lost anything regarding grip or precision when driving harder?


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TBH I don’t really find that much difference with the handling, the main reason for the suspension work was to get rid of the horrid S-line crashy and uncomfortable ride.
I opted for the B4 as I didn’t want a sporty ride but now that they’ve replaced the factory S-line shocks I can’t feel any difference between them ,LOL.
I made sure I fitted the correct ones as I spent a long time on the Bilstein online catalogue finding the correct ones.
I’ve read in a few places that the small increase in ride height is due to the increased gas pressure inside them; whether this is true or not I’m not sure and like I said before it doesn’t bother me.
The difference in ride quality is marked though and I wish I’d done the suspension work a lot sooner.
I’ve always loved my A3 but the factory S-line suspension is just awful IMHO.

Daniel James

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Hi all, some advise really ....

I fitted new wheels to my car this week and since then I've got a growing desire to lower my car slightly, I don't want to go mad with expensive coilovers and mad setup's as this is really a work runner but I think its needed a little im really looking for 10-15mm max just to lesser the tyre -> arch gap

I have a 2010 S-line Blk Etd and am running 225/40/18 - 18x8J - Et45

anyone selling anything ? or looking to go back to stock ?

read that top mounts etc all need replacing anything else on top of them ?

Pic of how its currently looking now :) still work in progress


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Rory Sheehan

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Eibach 20mm Front springs only. Factory rear springs, shocks and wheels (18x7.5)


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Eibach Sportline on Sline suspension + 19" 8.5Jx45 Le Mans on 225/35 tires, 5mm spacers in the back.


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Lowered on eibach sport line. 15mm spacers on rear.

Miltek exhaust, 3 inch down pipe, Sachs upgraded clutch, s3 intercooler, gfb recirculating valve, mts intake, revo stage 2 software.




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Can those that have the Eibach Pro fitted to an S3 give me a brief comparison to them over stock, please?
I am in the process of changing my rear shocks and springs (again) as the aftermarket parts i bought were sold as OEM quality, but did not give OEM handling and as a result I am buying Genuine parts from TPS to fit to the rear.
My plans are to fit Genuine shocks and top mounts to the front, but i'm unsure about fitting OEM or Eibach springs on the front. Pricewise they are very similar, but with OEM i know how the car should behave. I have no idea about Eibach.

I live in an area with some pretty poor road surfaces (don't we all?) but to get in and out of my workplace I have to go over some oversized speed bumps which low cars do struggle with. At some points they are level with the kerbstone of the pavement they are against!

I'd like to know honest opinions of how they feel compared to stock when driving on rough roads or hitting pot holes?
How they feel when cornering?
Is the car any more or less stable when braking hard?
Does the 20mm drop make any real world differences to how you navigate pot holes or steep driveways?

Thanks to anyone who can give any info relating to the above.


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Hi guys

I have ordered a set of Eibach sportlines to put on my A3 Black Edition with the standard 18" le mans alloys. Will i need spacers to go with these or do they look alright without any spacers?