Drivers Side Window - Not Going Down With The One Touch


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Jan 22, 2007
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I've done a search but couldn't find much on this, basically all my windows work fine, apart from the drivers side, which now doesn't go down with the one touch. (But goes closes fine with one touch and normal pressing the button for up and down)

Any help would be great.


hold down the button till window goes all the way down and then back up again it should reset iit
Mine does the same thing. I think is a problem with the switch since it works fine when closing the window. I've already tried the procedure indicated by Kostas but with no result.
Mine does too, I'll try the 'right down' proceedure tomorrow, but I won't hold out much hope ...
don't forget ''right up'' straight away
Or when the window is closed, simply pull the switch as if you were going to close it again and that should then reset it...
hey guys, sorry to dig up an old thread...
I have a 2005 A3 Sportback
I have noticed that my windows are playing up like the above... but its intermittent. until i searched and found this thread the drivers door was not doing the 'one touch down'. now i have done the reset procedure and the drivers window sometimes works on the one touch and sometimes doesnt. Now i have noticed that the rear passenger side window is doing the same but only when i am doing it from the drivers switch. If i open the window from the rear passenger door the one touch works...

now im thinking is it a problem with the actual switch in the drivers door or is there something else i can do to make it work properly?

thanks in advance guys