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Door wire loom

deanoboi Jul 23, 2020

  1. deanoboi

    deanoboi Registered User

    Hi there does anyone no about the wire Loom a on drives door just got a Audi A3 sportsback 2007 model with wire problems on the drivers door .fixed the broken wires between the door and the piller but the wire loom got a different code on it than the window motor does the window motor and the wire loom in the door have to match the codes my window motor ends with the letter m but my wire loom ends with the letter e sum ones definitely had a play with the loom can any one help ??
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  3. ch1z64

    ch1z64 C'mon you's bhoy's in Green Silver Supporter VCDS Map User

    Just look fo another door loom , i have one but you would need to research if the part number would work with your car . Pm me and i will pop over part number

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