Disgusted with Adrian Flux


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Ive been with Adrian flux for many years , always keen to secure my business they have always matched the cheapest quotes , basically been happy with them until i changed my car last week , I've come from a Bmw 330d to a a3 sport sportback , so can imagine my shock that it was going to cost me nearly £250 to change mid term on top of the annual £220 premium already paid for !! I could of had it for £232 with legal cover etc ... ill be keen to see what happens at renewal but at the moment not happy at all .
I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've had when changing your vehicle over. It's not always possible for the existing insurer to be the most competitive on a new vehicle compared to an annual premium that could be obtained elsewhere I'm afraid. It's difficult to comment on this particular policy without seeing the full details but I'd be happy to look into if for you if you wish.


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Flux are only there to take your money and don't care about customers when an accident actually happens. Absolutely appalling behaviour, appalling customer service and in my eyes con artists.
I wouldn't recommend them to my worst ememy.

They wouldn't even take my money when I offered it to them. I was 21 at the time, called to get a quote on an Evo 5, already had a quote from Elephant (Admiral is their parent company) for £1400. Not cheap, but the cheapest quote I had at the time for a 21 year old on an Evo.

Adrian Flux rep passed me onto the "insurers" to get my details and quote me. Some stuck up guy who said "you'll never get anything for under £2500 before taking my details. All he had was my age and the car. Told him the quote I already had and he said there was "no way" that was for a 21 year old on an Evo for 12 months and more or less accused me of lying.

Said he couldn't help and would pass me back to Adrian Flux. Got cut off. Called them back, explained what happened, they said they would "pass me to another insurer". Sent through to the same clueless guy. Went back to Adrian Flux AGAIN and told them not to send me through to him. Lady apologised and said she would send me to another insurer. Went back to the SAME PERSON who then hung up on me.

Decided that if that's how they deal with a NEW PAYING CUSTOMER then how will they react if I have an incident. Vowed to never go near them ever again. That was my first and last ever dealing with Adrian Flux. After that I stayed with Elephant for some 8 years! Shows how much custom Adrian Flux lost out on over the years from me alone. Several thousands of ££££ by my last count.


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I use Flux for the insurance on the A4 with all the mods most companies won't touch it. Last year paid around 550 this year goes upto just over 660 .

I also have a MK1 TT that I am converting to a track car and insured that with Greenlight who specialise in modified cars. They were a whole lot cheaper than Flux and basically you can mod as many things as you like on the car and as long as you don't increase the bhp it's free. They matched my insurance NCB on the A4 and applied it to the TT just over £300.
When I rang Greenlight to discuss a remap on the TT along with an intercooler, exhaust. Turbo intake pipe, dump valve, air filter etc they added another £32 to the policy for all that :) .
Anyway coming back to Flux I rang them and asked what the best price they could do and related the story of the TT to the advisor. Within 2 minutes she had called the underwriters and come back to me with a new quote of £418. Couldn't get my breath :) .
Maybe I should have rung Greenlight anyway and got a quote but I decided to stop with Flux as I haven't had any issues with them and I think that was a reasonable quote for the A4 with all the mods on it.
Anyway moral of the story, never accept a renewal quote for insurance without ringing up and asking them for a better price. In the last 2 weeks I have saved over £360 on renewals for car insurance, breakdown insurance and household contents/ buildings.
A4 £250 , Wifes Polo £64 , AA £31 , Buildings and contents £21


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Unfortunately, I had used them as a reliable source over the course of a few cars in the past, and when I left them for a cheaper quote the last time, they basically withheld my proof of no-claims for weeks until I had to get the new insurance company to threaten them directly with legal action. Until then, they tried to blame me for lying about the no-claims and were going to charge me the rest of the premium. (65% NCD)


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been with them for 11 years and also use to have a banner for kick backs and never had moans

i have a a3, 4 mods and got my email today for renew in a month

they are quoting me £384 , fully comp with 2 added things i added, legal cover and the flexi drive thing that covers on other cars

went online today and 7 companies all want over £475 and then another £50 for the covers i got.

so with ERS eagle red star im saving £120 a year