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Hey all ,

if you have a old ish pc and want some ddr to speed it up get some now at play as they have now dropped the price normally a small fortune .


Main Specifications:
* Memory Size: 1GB
* Memory Type: PC3200 DDR
* Memory Speed: 400MHz
* Form Factor: 184pin for Desktop Computers
* Compatible With:
* DDR PC3200 (400 MHz Bus Speed)
* DDR PC2700 (333 MHz Bus Speed)
* DDR PC2100 (266 MHz Bus Speed)
* Power Mac G5 (except Dual and Quad)


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depends on your old pc's motherboard and are you adding this memory to existing ones or just changing/upgrading to this one?


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Bit slow that. The brand isnt that great either but yes ram is very cheap compared to how it used to be.


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Yeah considering there's DDR3 with speeds of 2000mhz & above now, where as the above is 400mhz, its slow, I use supertalent ddr3, but as above its not that simple, have to check the MB if it accepts that type, speed etc, also note the MB bios may need updating to accept the faster/brand/type memory, corsairs reliable enough & also cheap with lifetime warranty on most.


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You're not a good salesman are you, lol, but mighty kind of you, good to see there's people still like this on the planet, I know its old memory & probably of no use to you but good of you anyway, kudos mate I'm sure he'll appreciate that.

Now I need a new mailserver, can I have that for free :undwech: