Creaking noise when accelerating right from standstill


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May 31, 2012
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This existed when the car was stock and still exists.

I have replaced engine/trans mounts, strut mounts & bearings, shocks, springs, tie rods, tie rod ends, ball joints, front/rear control arm bushes, sway bar end links, brakes and have tyrolsports deadset subframe kit.

Any ideas? Doesn't seem like much else to replace other than axles/CVs and wheel bearings?
Might sound daft, feel daft saying it, but have you checked the heat shields aren't touching the back of the disc or look like they might be a bit close?

on my old car these used to cause me issues, slightly bent it back and was sorted. Probably not just a 2pence worth.
Open to any suggestions. Will have a good look at that tomorrow. It's weird that it only does it when accelerating right from a standstill - coming out of a street and turning right.
Doesnt do it when slowly turning in a carpark or turning at speed. Have tried the usual bad CV tests (reversing full lock etc), no issues there.
Hope it isn't steering rack. It isn't really exhibiting usual symptoms for a faulty steering rack however.
Was this issue ever solved? I have something similar.
I also have a knocking when turning left and back to straight position. Nothing when I turn right. In my case I think is the left hand side ARB bush. I came to this conclusion after removing the tie rods and turned the steering wheel again. There was no noise. Now I'm waiting for new H&R bushes to replace both of them and hopefully getting rid of that noise. After spending almost 7,000 euros on new suspension, ARBs, control arms, brakes etc. is very frustrating to have this problem...