Couple of new bits fitted. Few pics.

Mar 10, 2004
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Well got the car MOT'd on Monday. Passed all ok and had travelled about 1200 miles in the previous 12 months.

I still need to replace the rear brake discs, pads, sliders and bolts but will wait until the better weather.

I only heard about ACF50 towards the end of last year so thinking of giving the arches a deep clean with some degreaser and then using some on the coilovers to give them some extra protection.

I serviced the car at the end of the year and the next one will be all the belts, water pump etc. it seems to come around so quickly!

I had the use of a RR sport for 6 months of 2016 and it does make me think about changing the car but I would be so sad to see it go and would struggle to find the motivation to remove all the bits and bobs. I will have had the A4 for 13 years in Feb. Plus I still have the 106 in storage until the summer but I think I will move that on in 2017/18 and try something else.

Here is a pick from during the MOT to keep the post more interesting:

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