Couple of new bits fitted. Few pics.

A good map should just make it better everywhere!

There are LOTS of **** tuners around though, really difficult to find a decent one.
Well sold the Lupo last month, bought it in on the 25th May 2013 and sold it on the 24th May 2014. Decided I would put it up for sale as not going to use over the summer and if anyone wanted it they could have it.

Nice to be back using the A4. Do not feel such a girl getting out of that! Had the alignment all done and quite happy with how it is. No mods planned for this year, would like another pole position at some point and to get the S4 rear and skirts on but not in a hurry.

Had a shot of a Mk7 Golf R the other night, was pretty amazing. I was not expecting much but it was a bit of a flying machine and well is a new car I suppose.

Took a couple of pics so will chuck them up.

Popped down to Goodwood for the Friday and Sat.

Took loads of pics - added a few to my instagram @campbelljpaul

Here are a few people may like.











The paint on this was amazing



Ordered a boost pressure tester last week. Was driving home and thought when I put the footdown I could hear the turbo a little bit more. So had a quick peek in at the hoses. The one from the bottom of the N75 to the turbo was split right at the turbo so I replaced that. I forgot what a fiddle all those hoses are. Boosting up to around 15psi when I took the car for a run which I think is about right.

I will still do a pressure test in a couple of weeks. Will I need an air line or would a big bike pump with a gauge do to get the pressure up to around 20psi? Do people then spray a mist of water onto the hoses or just feel with their hands?
Also will I be able to see the actuator move?
you need something capable of delivering a lot of airflow. The engine naturally leaks, ie you cant just pump it up and it stays pressurised, so you need a compressor capable of delivering a lot of air very quickly so you can get it pressurised and then spend some time looking/listening for leaks before the pressure seeps away.

A hand pump or even electric tyre inflator isnt really man enough, you need a compressor with an airtank. I also recommend charging the air tank fully, then turning off the power so you can listen for leaks and they arent drowned out by the compressor rattling away!
Thanks for the above, I will use a mates workshop which has a big compressor and airline in that case.

I took the car for a run last night and its actually gradually boosting up to and holding boost at around 18psi. Feels like a new car and so much more torquey. Quite chuffed. I will still do a test as there probably will be some more leaks which can be found out.

Also noticed the rocker cover has a tiny weep and the radiator looks like it is the same. Levels are all ok but will look to change the gasket and radiator soon.

Best to get an OEM radiator and gasket set? If so is TPS the best place?

I assume the gasket and a tube of sealant will be cheap as chips but any idea of the cost of a radiator?
I got a Valeo rad from ebay for 50quid, much cheaper than the dealer.

Stuff like gaskets i'd just get from the motorfactors or Jason at All German.
Been looking at the parts I need to fit a facelift S4 rear bumper. Looks like the central bumper carriers (2) are the same on the A4 and S4 and I just need the side guide brackets (9) from either an S4 or a prefacelift A4 both avant or saloon. (No. 8D0807483 & 8D0807484) - Found some on ebay for £8 each side.

Audi - A4Q - 2000 - Body Teile Katalog (Pats Catalog)
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I've just looked them up in my ETKA, which is fairly uptodate, and they're showing as £5.63 each including VAT.

It is possible the price has changed ofcourse, but it seems somewhat unlikely that its shot up by 5 times?!

I'll see if i can get a pricing update.
Ha ha ha I did think that might be the case!! I hope they are perfect. I might sell my secondhand face lift ones for £30 if someone might pay it! Ha ha.
Ordered a new indicator/hazard relay button yesterday as over the past few years my indicator sequence can sometimes stutter.

Quite annoying that this is £45 for such a small boring part.
Fitted the new hazard switch today. Amazing how much quieter it is compared with the old one.

Also had a look under my bonnet as the car was pulling really hard today and from really low revs with next to none throttle. Think I was getting 19psi of boost. The hose I replaced looked now like this.


Hard to see but if you look between the silver pipe and shield. So removed it.


I think it was my own fault as I used a too long bit of hose. So probably had a bend in it. Or it could be because the hole is a mm smaller than the original hose? Anyway had some spare so used a bit of hose which is about 1/3 the length of the bit pictured.

Took the car out and initially it was only boosting to 5psi. Then drove for a min and it's boosting up to 15psi again. Hopefully this hose holds. Bit it's just thicker rubber. Not laced with nylon like the oem ones. Anyone know the best boost hoses to use if I need to replace this one too?
The problem is the proximity to the exhaust manifold.

The stock hose is a special silicone stuff to deal with the heat. Get a stock pipe, either new or from the scrappy.
Yeah I think so. Will order an OEM hose (058145718A) and think going to get a new 710N valve (06A145710N) too.

Was wondering why my car pulled so much harder when that pipe was split. Quite lucky I never blew the car up! As I think I am right in thinking that the car would have been leaving the wastegate closed for longer and this is what was giving me the extra few psi of boost. I take although the N75 valve would not have been able to determine the higher boost once you get around 18-20psi the wastegate is forced open or something?

Car feels slow now!

I also need to get a longer seat belt latch as the standard one is an inch or two short for with my recaro seat. It works but its a faff, they are 10 inches long. I have read that RS2 ones (447857755N 01C) are longer so will give them a bash. Would have liked to know the length to make sure but have not been able to find out.
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yeh closed for longer or closed completely, depending how much boost was leaking.

surprised you didnt get fuel cut, dodgy remap?
It was quite busy, I think I did hear the car cutting a bit once it got going. It was almost similar to a deeper bouncing limiter. Or as if it was blowing out the spark.

Have never had that before but a friend had a Cosworth and when he had incorrectly gapped or wrong spec of plugs it made the same noise.
Too much boost blowing out the spark, had that on my RS Turbo when the actuator stuck and the boost guage read 30psi rather than the normal 25psi.
The ECU should cut the fuel way before that happens though, so either it was fuel cut, or hes got some dodgy remap on there thats disabled the safety limiters.
Yeah when mine split the last month it would cut at around 15psi but i think there was actually more boost/metered air than the gauge was displaying as the DV was ALOT louder at any boost reading than when running with the new turbo/maf/injectors on at 8psi it was probably louder than 8psi at 4psi lol
Yeah I imagine it will have been fuel cut to be honest. Could well be a dodgy map. It was done at Star about 9 years ago.

Its hard to describe the sound, similar to a rev limiter that pulses slightly. Or perhaps a missfire sound is a better description. Think the highest boost I saw was around 18-19psi.
Got a seat belt extender last week, I was originally planning on getting an RS2 latch as it is longer. Audi said this would be £57 and it turned out they were obsolete anyway now. At the back of my mind I wanted a latch to feed through the side of my seat like I saw at Goodwood on the Megane 275 since it has the same seats. I found a soft adjustable length extender for a tenner on Amazon and it works a treat. Much better than having the belt go over the top of my seat.

I also fitted a momo race steering wheel I had lying about at the weekend. I have a momo hub kit and an NRG one. I fitted the nrg one along with a 50mm spacer. The momo horn ring is slightly bevelled so it doesnt fit into the hub or the spacer. So I have fitted the horn but its a few mm sunken into the wheel. I will get the spacer machined so I can fit the horn ring.

The momo race wheel is 320mm and the standard Audi one is 370mm. I plan to get a new wheel eventually which will be 350mm but just wanted to try the one I have to see if it worked and if I liked it before spending £160.

I softened off the coilovers while it was sunny on Saturday. The recommendation from KW is medium-hard:

Bump 5 from hardest (Max 16)
Rebound 6 from hardest (Max 20)

Bump 5 from hardest (Max 12)
Rebound 12 from hardest (Max 16)

I found it a bit hard and over the yellow lines they have coming up to some junctions at the end of motorways the car was very harsh.

So I have set mine for now to:

Bump 10 from hardest (Max 16)
Rebound 12 from hardest (Max 20)

Bump 8 from hardest (Max 12)
Rebound 14 from hardest (Max 16)

Car is still pretty firm but not nearly as bad, I have only driven around 20 miles though. I am glad I have drilled the holes so I can adjust the rebound on the car.
Its getting really quiet in this forum nowadays. Wonder if most people have moved on from the B5 to something more modern.

Fitted a Momo Corse 350mm steering wheel to replace the Momo race 320mm wheel. I am so happy with it. I think it suits the interior perfectly and it feels great compared with the other wheels I have had.

Still got to fit my new radiator but plan to do that in September if I get time. I also will try to get the arbs off and get them powdercoated to protect them a bit more.

I noticed over the past few weeks there is a slight notch going into second, think I will look at adjusting the linkage. I have a B&M short shift kit fitted and so will have a look at that. Any ideas or anyone experienced the same?
yeh i suspect many folk have moved on. The S/RS forums are still pretty busy with B5 folks, but the A4 side has died away a bit.

I guess even the youngest B5 is 14 years old, and they're in that era of motoring where most folk are just running them until they die and then scrapping them, rather than actually looking after it.

The A3 forums are still quite active, presumably because the A3 is now an affordable hatch that can be bought by many younger drivers, The A4 on the other hand isnt a car that young drivers would typically head towards.

Pics of your wheel?

Linkage adjustment is fiddly but not too difficult, and on the facelift cars you can do it without removing the console.
Yeah its a shame, I think one day there will only be a few of us left.

I will take a pic of the wheel but its identical to the one in here.

1993 Bmw 325Is Coupe Steering Wheel Photo 9

I wanted something which was made around the early 2000s and was quite plain. Feel pretty perfect to me and is a good size.

That is good about the linkage adjustment, is it just a case of trial and error?
Im only 26 so should be here for awhile lol

I think nowadays younger people see the likes of new ST's, VXR's, S3's, VRS's GTI's etc etc and look at our cars and think its an old old pile of **** to be driven by there grandad, personally ive driven a few of the above and id still choose my TQS over them anyday, yeah the body works not best and it may not drive as it left the factory but its modded to my liking and i will reach a point were its running over 350hp and will never want rid but i no one day around the corner its going to have to be weighed in and i dread that day and hoping it never ever comes lol
I've just done 4 x 200 miles in 'her' QTS and enjoyed every minute of it - a thoroughly nice car to drive. I'd like xenons ( but it rarely gets driven much in the dark !) I'd like a 6 speed ( keep trying to change up from fifth into -- reverse ! IF I really want that then I just drive my B6 version. )

It's now rolled over to 91k miles.....
I've looked at the 8V S3 Sportback and Mk 7Golf GTi but nice though they are I have other things to spend the money on ( big house renovation about to start)
Yeah a new car is nice but I think I will always keep my A4 too. Most of my colleagues and mates have cars that are a couple of years old.

Here is a pic of the wheel. Excuse the pins.


Also here is my seatbelt extender


Noticed a dull knock from the rear over the past year or two. I could not work out if it was from either the left or the right side. Every time I have had the car in the air I have looked for anything obvious. Today I had some time I did some further investigating.

So emptied the boot to make sure it was nothing like that. When bouncing the car stationary there was no knocks.

If I shook the car from side to side violently you could hear it slightly so thought must be the anti-roll bar. I disconnected the links at the top and went for a short run along a cobble street near me and the noise was gone. The links look perfect so not sure how to work out if its one or both or if its the arb bushes? Or even something else resonating along the arb. When I put the car back together its back but slightly quieter.

Any ideas?

Just to add I have an uprated arb with the s4 metal end links. I think euro car parts sell new ones for under £25 each. Would worn ones of those cause a dull knock?
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I have this same similar knock and just done the drop links but im leaving it for now till its off the road, think the love of the quattro is holding me back from taking it of the road though :p