Coilover / spring / lowering advice...


Heavy DERV clatter
Hi all... so getting a bit tired of riding so high on my stock sports springs, getting altitude sickness. And the ride is so hard I've lost most of my teeth...

So what I want to do is lower it a touch (not slammed) and get a little bit of a softer ride. With a new baby on the way budget is now a bit of a concern, so for now I want to keep this cheap. Mad performance is not important as I plan to go to weitecs later.

I hear that coilovers are much easier to fit than new springs as you need to compress the front springs or something? also springs would eventually damage the stock shocks? so id need to replace them too.

I was thinking a budget set of coilovers from DPM might be the best way to go and easiest to fit. Just for a year or so before I step up to something a little better. Would JOMs or similar be a step up from the stock ride?

any advice would be great.



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AP are the cheap end of coilover market and getting some great re views


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I would recommend Koni Sport Kit £492...I have them on my car on the softest setting great also its a 35 - 40mm drop if you like i could send pictures


Heavy DERV clatter
yeah some pics would be great ;) Were these easy to fit? how much did you pay etc... I was looking at a budget JOM kit for now, are these any good? up for anything thats an improvement over stock to be honest, then will look at performance further down the line.