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Hello I have a 2001 Audi S8 overseas that is completely chromed, and when I say chromed I mean the whole car is a silver bullet. And with spinning rims the car seriosly just shines like crazy.

There is no, I repeat NO car in the U.S. like this, especially an Audi S8!If you want to have the most unique car believe me this one is it. Heads WILL turn!!!

My issue is that bringing it through the U.S. border is very expensive, along with how much it cost to get it chromed out, etc, but I just found out by U.S. regulations that the car is SUPRISINGLY not illegal on the streets, with how much it shines. The engine will be beautiful, I have to drop $10,000 on it just to make sure everything goes through with safety regulations, etc.

How much would you Audi enthusiast out there pay for such a car??? Could anyone give me a price tag. A 2001 Audi S8 book value is around $45000 - $50000 reasonably, but remember this car would be one of a kind!!!! I would have to receive much more to even consider bringing these bad boys over.

Is anyone interested??? give me a price!

If you know anyone that would be interested please forward this to them. I thank you very much!! and stay representing Audi, great cars!!! Its nice to see enthusiasts out there!!!

P.S. I have no pictures sorry, but just think of the Audi S8 and completely platinum! Im actually trying to get these things in a few rap videos.... you will definitely be in tune with a trend!


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I've got a Chromed-out bridge in Brooklyn I'd be willing to trade U for the Audi.

Add some hydraulics for some decent 3-wheel'd-motion and I'll throw in some Chromed swampland I'm hoarding, out in Arizona, too!!!


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Maybe you want a chromed out dildo josejay and im sure plenty of people on here have some great ideas where you can put it /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif