Changing the head lining to black also will it require coding?


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Right guys I'm finally doing my first mod and changing over to a s-line black headlining. I got all the parts lights/sun visors everything for £50 collected! but I've noticed something different there's a light under the sun visors so would mine have those wires or will i need to do some wiring to get them working if so what wires will I need? also guessing it will need to be coded in VCDS if so any idea where?


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What model have you got ? Standard, SE or Sport?


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Audi do prewire somethings even if not fitted at facory, but tbh mate you will only know when you either remove the existing visors & have a look with torch or when lining is out for new one.


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I've just done all my headliner all to black, the vanity lights are not wired in and neither are the switches for the mirror cover, I've just left mine, it's to much hassle to wire up, ha


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Yup, basically if its not fitted from factory there will no wiring for it with an Audi!


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Just an update after browsing forums i found that the visors have microswitches so i've made the wiring diagram


I will get my 12v from fuse box using one of these (I don't want to splice anything)

Add a circuit

I could use the same slot as the other interior lights or is this going to **** things off?