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Cars in Dubai

stoakseya4 Oct 1, 2008

  1. stoakseya4

    stoakseya4 Active Member

    Hi chaps

    Been offline for a while. Just returned from a week's fact finding visit to Dubai, as I'm going out to work there in a while for a few years.

    Thought I'd share some info re cars out there:

    Audi, BMW and Merc are massively more expensive than other marques. It's cheaper to buy a brand spanking new Porker 911 C2S than it is an S6...
    Most peeps drive Toyota's, Mitsubishi's, Fords and the like, with a smattering of the above cars.
    Probably a 50:50 ratio of SUV to car. Alot of models not available in the UK, imported from the USA (Ford Explorer, Ford Edge, Toyota FJ Cruiser).
    Massive roads, and radar controlled speeding on the main artery roads/highways.
    The larger roads are 8 lanes wide (in each direction!).
    Access on the highways is electronically 'tagged' with an on screen card, which you top up each month or as and when...
    Speeding fines are logged on the police forces database, and it's your own responsibility to 'log-in' and settle your account! Same applies for parking fines. I know of some guys being blissfully unaware of this, and finding a bill of thousands that require payment, before you can a) leave the country and b) register a new/another vehicle.

    So, costs:

    a new 911 Carrera is c£38k (yes really)
    a new 911 Carrera S is c£41k
    a new Mitsubishi Shogun (5 dr) called a Pajero is c£17k
    a new Toyota LandCruiser (5 dr) called a Prado is c£16k
    a new Toyota FJ Cruiser (3 dr - nice funky 300bhp V6 SUV) is c£12k
    a new Audi S8 is c£57k
    a new Ford Explorer is c£12k
    a new Ford Edge is c£11k

    All actually good cars (including the Fords) and have either large V6 or V8 engines with c250-400bhp engines. Chevy Escalades and Nissan Armada's (massive 4x4) are quite common.

    Another interesting observation - although there are some seriously wealthy and actually poor people over there, supercars/performance cars are pretty rare. I only saw 2 ferrari's (and only 360's at that), a few 911 Turbo's, 1 XK8, 2 AMGs...

    Hope you find the above of some interest!
    The rest of the place is also massive, buildings generally, but brilliant. Quite expensive though. Easily on a par with London. Housing is really expensive - £2000+ pcm for a 2 bed house = £400k+

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  3. andyccr

    andyccr 2003 1.8T Sport Ebony Black A4 Cabriolet

    You haven't been down to the beach road then mate ! Loads of white SL55AMGs, various Brabus versions, plenty of S600s, Gallardos and Porsche turbos..... Remember they only normally come out to play late in the evening !

    I can't wait to go back out, we have two trips planned next year, one in Aprilish time on a stop off for a trade fair in Taiwan and one in the middle of November to Abu Dhabi for the Grand Prix with VIP tickets :)

  4. stoakseya4

    stoakseya4 Active Member

    I have, but I guess not when they were around...

    Late evenings and babies don't work too well, so maybe you're right. Maybe I was in bed when they came out to play. I hope so! Bit depressing otherwise, far too many run of the mill fare...

    Will be looking to go to the GP also. The 24hrs Dubai race is in Jan, which I'll definitely be going to...
  5. Matt T

    Matt T Bumble Bee

    Petrol is about 7 times cheaper :anbet:

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