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Aug 6, 2010
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Help needed! Went to start the car after finishing work on Thursday night, unlocked using the remote, worked fine, put the key in the ignition waited for the glow plug light to extinguish then turned it over, it started but then immediately died! Noticed the immobiliser light was flashing! Great! I'll give it a second and try again, nope no joy, it just did not want to start even after locking and unlocking the car, so ten minutes later I left it and got a lift home.

Returned to it the next day. No it wasn't recognising the remote fob to unlock or lock so had to open via the key in the door, put the key in the ignition and I was greeted with the alarm going off and hazards flashing. Tried to start the car and nothing just the immobiliser light yet again.
I thought maybe it's the battery in the key fob (as it's no longer unlocking the doors etc) so I changed that and returned to the car, nope nothing, tried to re-sync it but that didn't work.

My cars a 2003 a4 1.9tdi quattro and I only have the one key for the vehicle. This immobiliser light has never came on before in the 7 years I've owned it.

Can anyone help me.... Please!
Sounds like the key is not synced with the car, try putting the key in the ignition, turn on press lock then unlock buttons, turn ign off, press both buttons again!
I think there is a ring around the top of the ignition barrel that communicates with the immobiliser chip in the key. I've read about them causing trouble when they become faulty. Could be worth looking into.
I had the same, Try and adjust your steering wheel and push it in and lower it as it could be a loose connection. Good luck!
Right I think the first thing I need to do when I return to work (and the car) on Tuesday is test the battery, if that's ok then do a hard reset, if no joy then inspect my ring (Oooh eh) around the barrel and if that fails then I'll need someone to come out to it or get it recovered.
Im in belper and have vcds if its any help, could try and reset it with vcds if you want to pick me up and take me to the car.
Bit of a update today, tested the battery on the car and it required a charge, so I charged it up and retested, it read 618 (en) out of a possible 740 (en) and therefore the tester said replace battery.
I bought a varta silver 800 (en) battery and tested that upon delivery it's actual charge was 770 (en). I fitted it to the car and signs were good, the remote central locking was working again (a premature glimpse of hope) went to start the car and immobiliser light was on same as before only now Ive got the traction control light on constantly and also the glow plug light flashing when the ignition is left on more than 30 seconds.
Also on placing my old battery in the boot the microswitch to the boot release wasn't working and had to use my key.
A little progress but not the results I was hoping for. :-(
Traction control light has come on because you disconnected battery will go out after 50metets or so
Got a guy coming out tomorrow (touch wood) to have a look at it for me regarding the immobiliser.
So it is your immobiliser/key that is at fault. Only Audi or a specialist Car key company can help you now, there are a few around now. I only have one key for the A3 so took out Tesco key insurance should this happen.
Yeah it's definitely immobiliser/key transponder related. I only ever got one key with my car and never had a problem thus far (7 years ownership) so guess my luck had to run out at some point lol.
I had a similar problem with mine a couple of years ago (self inflicted, trying to change the key fob case). Ended up, after having an auto electrician look at it, getting the car recovered to Audi to have new key fobs coded.
You can recode the key and immobiliser with vcds providing its imm3 which most after 2001 are.

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