Car insurance time again

I’ve come from the states 5 years since I’ve done my test 33 no faults... it’s half the price if I add the mrs as a second driver yet still expensive.. how do you even work that out haha

Adding your Spouse immediately gives you what insurers call a lifestyle discount - i.e you're more settled not just a bloke hurtling around stop and go scenario - It's been like that fro years - Now I'm not saying it changes anything but unfortunately insurers have access to all the stats and it must show something.

At the end of the day insurance can be expensive but look at the price of the car - You write off a near £40,000 car in the first year and you get a new car

Please watch out for the cheap insurers - Restricted windscreen cover, high excesses etc

You are driving around in a nice/expensive vehicle - don't then try and insure on the cheap


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I currently have a 1k excess and my insurance is £1,800 on my PFL S3 Sportback. 19 Years old with 2 Years no claims, All things considered I reckon I have a fairly decent deal. I just made sure to get a few clean older drivers on the insurance.


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A no claims discount won’t help much with insuring a car that’s stolen as much as the A3/S3. You could be the best driver on earth but if you own a car that’s likely to be stolen, your insurance needs to bill you like a high risk driver. They don’t really want to insure cars that are likely to be stolen so they push the price up :/


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I got worried about that and got a steering wheel lock recently, there have been a few burglaries round my area recently and at the top of my road the other week, a lady was sitting in her car and some guy in a van jumped out, opened her passenger door and snatched her bag then drove off!


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I currently have a 1k excess and my insurance is £1,800 on my PFL S3 Sportback. 19 Years old with 2 Years no claims, All things considered I reckon I have a fairly decent deal. I just made sure to get a few clean older drivers on the insurance.
Comparable to me £1,500 and 20 years old, 2 years NCB and £1.1k excess. 2017 FL S3.


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Random question, does anyone know how having kids under 16 effects the price? They always ask how many kids under 16 the driver has and I just wonder if this increases or decreases the cost. On one hand, you could say people with kids in the car will drive more carefully, but it could also be seen as a distraction from driving. Does anyone have experience or knowledge?
The way some parents abandon their cars outside of schools they should have their premiums doubled!!! :yes::racer:


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I just renewed last week, my policy isnt due until the 21st January, I did it through Quidco compare, got "23 cashback, cheapest quote was the same company gocompare gave me but a massive £90 difference between both comparison sites. ended up paying £491pa for an S3 saloon which included my cashback.


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Direct line and admiral are really bad for renewals. I’ve done the cancellation and buying as new customer so many times with them.
They have caught on to it as well now so you can’t do an online quote if they have you on their database as a customer/previous customer.

Partner and I, both 32 are with Admiral. Renewal came through and they outlined the same price but for only 10 months. Obvious increase for the full 12.
Got the good lady to phone, spoke to a nice guy who waived the additional 2 months increase so 12 months for price of 10.

Probably an exception but for me my renewal came through from Admiral and was a good £300 cheaper than anywhere else. My age and many other factors mean most won't insure me at the moment.

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Admiral (even with their increase) are by far the cheapest for us. Even against the folk I’ve never heard of...


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Back in September, when I renewed my insurance with Admiral, they asked if my wife drove the car (she’s a named driver) and said if you removed her from the insurance I would save £61. Anyway left her on and ended up paying £260 for the year.


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Direct line are always expensive.

I've been with Admiral for years now. Always the cheapest. But I do have a multicar policy. I pay around £700 for 2 cars. An S3 and a Twingo RS. I put my house insurance on last year, and it only went up by a small amount, compared to paying a couple hundred pounds separately for house insurance.

Even when I had a MK7 Golf GTI Performance, and an R8, it was only £700 a year.

Every insurance company increases the policy amount each year. I used to phone around, or search on-line etc. Don't even bother these days. Whatever the renewal quote is, I just phone them up, and say I can get it £100 cheaper elsewhere. 5 mins later £100 is knocked off. I've done this for years, and have always paid around the same amount each year.

Surprisingly DL were the cheapest by far for my Exige and have been competitive the last two years. Got some scary quotes and bit their hand off at renewal.


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Also worth noting if you've got kids sign up to they offer cashback (£23 for Admiral) which is more than Quidco / Topcashback