Bumper repair-plastic weld/solvent cement?


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Due to my front bumper having been off a few times, the strip which runs inside the wheel arch and with the aid if the wee screws and clips secures the bumper, has started to come away from the main visible part of said bumper.

Can I repair this by gluing it with solvent cement myself or should I get a professional to do it?


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Brilliant Steve, thanks. I'll look in to that. Can you tell me what you used to clamp it in to place?


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I just used a pair of ratchet hand clamps and some masking tape for the bottom edges. It worked well tbh Stew :)


Tony Fearon

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can’t post an eBay link but mannol 2k pur worked well for me.

Lord fusor seems to be reccomended but couldn’t find it in Uk