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Brake noise again...

Moynas A4 Apr 3, 2007

  1. Moynas A4

    Moynas A4 New Member

    Well I've had a knocking/clicking noise from the front of my car for a while now (everytime i press the brake pedal), took it to a friend who works for vw and he said it was my suspension joints taking up the slack and producing the noise!!

    So i had my track rod ends changed and lower ties etc because they were worn..... drove it home no noise! Drive to work next morning and guess whats back the noise!!

    He says i need to drive it around for a week or so to see if it becomes worse then he'll take another look!! So in the mean time i consulted elsawin for advice..... I read that if the wrong pads were fitted to the quattro 1.8 ate brakes (non directional) it will produce a noise problem.

    So i went out and bought new audi pads and changed my 2mth old pagid ones for these new ones, well i never the noise has stopped!!

    Thing is with the pagid ones in i used to get a nasty knocking/clicking noise when braking going forward and no noise when i broke reversing!

    But with the audi directional pads in i get no noise braking driving forward but now get a slight knock/clicking noise when i brake going in reverse!!

    What the hell is going on with my bloody pads??? do i need new calipers as well?? any advice would be great!!!


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