Boot microswitch


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Need a bit of help ,need to change the microswitch in the boot of my car, found 2 microswitches online with a £15 price difference one is 8do953229 and the other is 8eo953229, its says 8eo is for a4 b7 and 8do is for a3/a4 .can anyone help me out on this?


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Would it not be an idea to check the part number on the microswitch already fitted to the car?
Failing that audi will get correct part if give them your reg number, or try stoke audi. They seemed to have helped loads of people on here


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It will be the 8e0 part, I dont think they make the 8d0 part any more.

But again as suggested above. Might want to have a look at your current switch.