Blackvue fitment, are the mounts and cabling standard?


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Bit of a strange one I admit.

Just purchased a 2nd hand A3 with Blackvue mounts and hardwired cable to front and rear.

Previous owner kept the camera‘s according to the dealer :shrug:

As the car has the Panroof I don’t really want to rewire, so will all Blackvue cameras fit the brackets and cabling?

If not, is there a way to tell from them what model I need?

I left my previous kit in the A5 when I sold it as thought that was the sensible/logical thing to do.


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Worth sending Black vue an email and they will advise which models will fit certain mounts

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Thanks ch1z64

I‘ve emailed Blackvue and written to the previous owner using the V5 info.

I’ve taken a chance and ordered an FHD 60 F & R