Big week for my car next 7 days! :-)


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In the next 7 days my car should be getting the following

Ebach Sportlines -50mm suspension
Painting the brakes
Diadem front indicator bulbs
FK Black grille
Votex front spoiler
Votex Side skirts
2009 black edition rear bumper
2009 rear parking sensor upgrade
Front end respray as facelift bonnet was incorrect colour shade
New legal number plates!

I already have
2009 rear lights
Golf aero rear wiper
A5 Y-spoke replica wheels
TT mk2 vents
S3 mats

so should finally be coming together nicely! Cant wait to be honest :) Wont be as epic as Sarahs conversion but should look very tidy and my Mrs is going to be happy all the parts will go off the patio :yes:


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Any pics before and then post some after the work ?


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yeah i'll post plenty of pics when its done

Fran, the wiper is easy, the golf one just needs a minor mod to the washer jet, i'd put a pic up but its dark!

Sarah's A3

Hey, it will be just as epic as mine. I cant wait to see your before and after pics!! Ooohhh exciting times!!!!


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Sounds like a hectic week you have coming up! As Sarah says it will be epic :sign_pics: