Best way to remove paint scratches?


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Hi all,

Got a few surface scratches on my 2001 S3, and was wondering what might be the best approach to buffing them out myself, or whether it needs more serious rework by a bodyshop.

I've put a picture of the worst one, so you can get an idea how deep they are.

They aren't too bad, but if you run your fingernail across you can feel it's there.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance :)



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Machine polish, I had a similar one on my bonnet when I got it, quick blast over with my rotary had it gone.


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Thanks guys, much appreciate the help.

Might have a look into that scratch X, as I know I have a few smaller light scratches and so does my Dad's A4, so that will come in handy even if it doesn't do my bigger scratches :)

Will let you know how I get on


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just go to a automotive paint shop and ask them for advice on any product they might have to remove them.


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From the look & comments from yourself they're not the type you can compound out, would need some slight minimal filling & touch up then polishing I reckon if you get a nail caught when running over them, compound can get lacquer marks out easily in about 30 seconds, but deeper well think thats obvious tbh as the polishing cant fill & also take it to far back or you're end up with metal, lol