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  • Hi there, have just been reading your impressive build thread. For a newbi like me its given me loads of inspiration and new ideas. I know this may be a long shot but was wondering if you have the miltek cat back system and if it is for sale?

    I’ve been reading one of your threads, Stacey’s Belated YoYo Build Thread. I see that you had changed your clutch as you have a fewphotos, I’m planning on doing the same too as I’ve knackered my dual mass flywheel(engine vibrating badly) and I’ve lived with clutch slippage for four years(now have Revo Stage 1 now).

    What engine support beam did you use?
    Did you remove the sub frame to get better access to thegear box?
    It seems like you removed the entire gear box, as you disconnectedthe prop shaft, any reason for that?
    Did you have or come across any difficultly while replacethe clutch?
    How long did it take?
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