battery charging a4 163 technik

keith barnet

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Can anyone help with battery charging query please.
Have a 2015 a4 1.9 tdi technik.

I dont drive long distance and after 2 years driving i keep getting low battery warning signal.

I called ny local audi dealer who suggested trickle charging before considering new battery.

1. Can i charge my battery whilst it is connected to the car?
I understand if i disconnect I may need to re program for the battery.

2. Can anyone tell me the factory fitted spect of the battery. I accessed it by removing the boot wheel, but tgeres no visible marking on the battery unless i remove it.

3. Any recommendations for a charger? Ive seen a Noco .75amp on amazon for £30. Will this do the job?



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Yes you can charge the battery whilst still connected to the car

There are two school of thoughts on changing battery
1) it needs to be coded after changing OR
2) just change the battery and the car will learn that its a new battery after a few days of being driven - that's what I did and had no issues

The Noco .75amp will work but is probably underpowered. Consider the 3.5A version as it has a repair mode on it so could fix your battery.

Ctek battery chargers are supposed to be good

Mike B

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My son has a 2015 S5 and has had to charge the battery twice since he got it last summer.He accesses the connectors under the bonnet at the back in the scuttle area.Seems to work OK cos the stop start works again.He has some sort of electronic charger Chinese made with no instructions but it does the job and I have used it


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I like CTEK solutions, they seem to be very safe and that's the way I like things to be if I'm leaving my S4 connected to a charger for long periods.

And yes, the "jumping" points/terminal under the bonnet make this job very convenient to do.

I'd be extremely annoyed if I could not find any part numbers etc to identify any of my cars batteries without removing them, is it a cheapie that a previous owner/dealer has just thrown in there?