B8.5 S4 Avant Boot Release

Bobby G

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Mar 23, 2021
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Hi All

I am having intermittent issues with the auto boot release button in the doorcard, on my 2015 B8.5 S4 Avant.
Boot release works from the key/boot. But rarely works from the interior button on the doorcard.
The button does light up with interior lights. Does anyone know if they all share the same wiring into the tailgate? Or is it possible the wiring for the interior release could be damaged.
Wanted to check if there any common quick fixes, before purchasing a replacement switch.

Button signals over network to release, generally its the same signal sent so to speak.

Button could be water damaged, if rain has got into the button, I'd buy a used button & swap to see of it works better, you could check button presses with vcds if you have it, that may show its not working each time.
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Yup, what NHN said,, defo sounds like a duff button to me..
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I would also check the door wiring harness. Where it links between the chassis and the door; the harness can split and break, usually causing switches to stop working or to work intermittently.
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Forgot to update this! Changed the switch, and all is working again. Nice cheap fix!
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