Automatic wipers enable/disable not showing up on MMI


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Hi folks, Ive a 2016 A4 1.4 TFSI that I have a little less than a year. When I move to the automatic wiper position, the wipers operate like intermittent wipers, dry or rain. I've looked in the MMI on the driver-assist page but for the life of me can't find the feature to enable or disable it. Does anyone know if I'm missing something, like the old BMW E34 intermittent wipers that you needed to do a PHd to figure out changing the intervial!




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To deactivate the rain sensor mode select Menu - Car - Driver Assist - Rain Sensor. Intermittent settings can then be set can using switch on wiper control stalk.


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Thanks Scoot1e, I've checked the option Rain Sensor isn't in Driver Assist see attached.


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do some light tap with your fingers on your windscreen from the outside.... if you have auto wipers, the wipers will perform the wipe motion..

remember to leave the wiper stalk one "click" from the bottom..
that is the default "auto" wipers position...