Audio system upgrade?


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Ok, have an MY01 S3 running the concert system.

Going to be doing some interesting things with it to see what happens. I can afford to sacrifice just under half the boot space if need be, and make a custom fibreglass subbox. What I am thinking of doing is removing the sub and stacker from the left rear and using that space as part of the box for a 10' sub. Is this a feasible approach?

The second questions is I'm looking at some custom pods to fit some 6' splits to the front. Is this achievable?

Oh yeah, I'll be getting a custom dash set up done at the same stage to get a decent head unit installed.

Feasible or just a pipe dream?


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There are a lot of threads in the ICE section on this sort of thing, usually with the best comments by 'andymac' and 'dualmono'.

Andy has a design for a small sub enclosure which replaces the stock one with apparently huge improvements. I'll hopefully be getting one in the next month or so...

I also saw a post a while back with some custom footwell pods, which may be what you are after.



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Cheers for that. If I was in the UK I'd be getting one of those sub enclosures without a hesitation. But I'm thinking the postage would make it uneconomical to get it sent to Australia.

I did a quick search for the info, but will do another one. The pods was an after thought, and I'm pretty sure can be done. My main area that I want clarified is the sub. My previous install in an e36 had a custom enclosure with a single 10' dvc sub, so want clarity and punch rather than loud sound.

Given my location, Andy, would it be possible to get a guide to making it sent over so I can get constructing? I will gladly pay for it as it seems to be a suitable approach


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I don't have a guide to making it, even if I sent you the templates I use they wouldn't be a lot of use to you as there is quite a bit of planing & routing needed to create the strange shape the enclosure has to be to fit properly. The curved part is also quite tricky to construct as it requires a rebate running the whole length to fit over the wheelarch seam.
It costs £60 to send one to Oz, so not completely out of the question.