Audi SQ7 New Car Detail


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Dec 4, 2008
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basingstoke england
Back in march i was contacted by a chap with a stunning new SQ7 on order and booked it in for a new car detail as soon as possible after delivery.
Opting for ceramic coating protection for the best possible start in life.
Starting off with a wheel clean in the shape of valetpro bilberry wheel cleaner, wheel woolies and soft detailing brushes to remove the light build up of brake dust.
Next up Bilt hamber Autofoam snowfoam to loosen up the dirt build up, while the snowfoam was dwelling time to fill up the Zaino wash buckets with valetpro car wash shampoo., rinsing off the snowfoam before carrying out the two bucket wash to limit the chance of any scratches and swirls.
Drying was done wit ha Definitive wax concours drying towel before doing a paint heath check to give the green light for polishing prior to protection.
The vehicles coachwork had some minor swirls and RDS present so a going over with Carpro Essence with Meguairs microfibre cutting pad, after going around the whole of the SQ7 making sure the paint was perfect time for a IPA wipe down.
Gtechniq panel wipe was done before time to get the protection on, Max protect UNC V1 was applied to the whole car as directed and removing as directed. while that coat was semi curing the glazing was cleaned IPA wiped down and then coated with UGC PRO with 1 coat on the side glass and 3 on the front & rear.
A second coat was applyed in the shape of Max Protect UNC-R the worlds only rubber membrane nano coating. The wheels were also coated with UNC V1 & V2 for long term durability and resistance to heat from the huge brakes.
Some photos from the detail.


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