Help Please Audi S4 B8 wheel fitment


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I’m looking at some 20x10 et38 concave wheels for my B8 S4.

The rears will be fine and should sit flush or maybe poke a few mm and I’m good with that...

But I’m worried about the fronts. Will they poke out beyond the fender/arch too much?

I have stock suspension and brakes so any advice will be appreciated


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I'm surprised at this. The stock S4 Rotor rims are 9J ET33 and youre putting 10J ET38 on so according to will they fit

"Compared to your existing wheel, this new wheel will have an inner rim which is 17.7mm closer to the suspension strut. The outer rim will poke out 7.7mm more than before"

I don't imagine the extra poke will be a problem at all, if anything you could probably space it out a bit more. I'd be more concerned about the inner rim being 17mm closer to the shock, but again would imagine it would be fine and clear it.

If it helps on my A4 black edition I went from 8.5J ET43 stock and put S5 rotors (9J ET33) on and it gave me 16.4mm extra poke and it looks badass :)
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9jx19 et33 is S5 and not S4. I even think S4 is only 8.5 and et40 I think.

The most common spacers on an S5 is 15 front and 20 rear so an equivalent of

Front 9x19 ET18
Rear 9x19 ET13

This is what I am going off when looking for alloys for an S5. Taking into account a 9.5 will add 6mm to that offset on the outside.
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