AUDI DRIVER magazine, April 2013: ADVERTISING/REPORTING the brake-squeal issue


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Ladies and Gentlemen…

In the Letters section of the April 2013 copy of the Audi Driver magazine, delivered today, the following letter, and response from the editor, is listed:
Letters Audi Driver

I do hope Andrew Sewell is one of the contributors to; and that he, and the editor of Audi Driver magazine, forgives me for re-listing his letter to Audi Driver magazine.

For my part, and for the record I will be keeping my RS3 for a long time (Ok, I know how old I am already), I've furnished the Audi Driver magazine with details and links to our postings, hopefully Audi Driver magazine will report honestly.

May I respectfully suggest that others write similar reports of their experiences to Audi Driver magazine, and duly copy Mr. Martin Sander at Audi UK if only for information…

Audi Driver magazine:

Feel free to PM me (if this link is deleted) with your own e-mail address and I'll furnish you with both addresses, no worries (I'm not wanting conciliatory freebies from Audi UK or my RS3 replaced - Audi UK please note!).


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I'll script up an email now and include this taken today in traffic

Totally and utterly sick of this now, Its completely ruining the car for me, The lack of progress is also ruining my faith in Audi and the brand.


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Dear Mr. Harris - Editor and Publisher of Audi driver magazine,

Reference: Brake squeal on the RS3 (same as the TTRS)

I was surprised to read: "We did not know, for example, about squealing RS3 brakes". Unfortunately, that is virtually the same reaction given to RS3 owners by numerous Audi dealers here in the UK for the last 15-months.

The issue with the RS3 (front) brake squeal is well known to RS3 drivers both here in the UK and abroad. The issue has been acknowledged by both Audi UK and Audi GmbH who, I am reliably informed by Audi UK (Mr. Craig Westwood) are working to develop a positive resolution that is 'soon' to be announced…

But Mr. Harris, for you information, the RS3 brake squeal issue has been ongoing since 3rd February 2012 at least, this being the date I first reported the issue with my own RS3 to Stafford Audi, my car at that time had done 1250 miles.

Now, most of my own 'Forum' reports (I'm 45bvtc) can be found on the website, including my correspondence to Mr. Martin Sander (MD) and Mr. Craig Westwood (both Audi UK) whilst informing them of a 'fix' to the problem I myself had developed, however, rather than detailing this further I'd rather direct you to the forum posts.

I invite you to visit the RS3 Forum at RS3 Forum

And in particular review:

1) LIST ONLY for Owners/Cars suffering brake squeal

Note: the above list is a list of RS3 car owner/drivers here in the UK currently suffering brake squeal; some 43 cars are currently listed including two not experiencing brake squeal, and two that have been returned to the Audi dealer for refund!

2) Owners with - brake squeal - please register your frustrations HERE!

3) Finally-the brakes fix is out....

4) WHAT A LAUGH! Brembo are marketing a squeal free brake pad and AUDI UK don't know...

5) Self-adhesive anti-squeal shims fitting procedure for the RS3 (and TTRS)

6) AUDI UK gives CLARKSON a NEW AUDI with brake squeal to evaluate

So Mr. Harris, any of the above listings will, with respect, provide you with "information about problems of this sort."

Very best regards



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****** about the blind leading the blind......:wtf:

May I respectfully suggest that everyone send a copy of this 'posted' letter, duly modified or as is, to a certain Mr. Sander at Audi UK in Milton Keynes, whose email address might be: martin dot sander AT audi dot co dot UK!

I think you guys are good enough to work that one out...

PS: I've just ordered a set of rear brake pads for our Audi TT, the pads were breaking up on the outer edges after 10,000 miles, unbelievable, however, having placed the order I telephoned to request them to be sent 1st class if at all possible; and then took the opportunity to ask if they (AVS) had come across this brake squeal issue with the RS3?

And guess what! They'd NO knowledge! Well, they have now...
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I have to admit I did giggle when I read the editors reply that Audi.Driver were unaware of any break squeal problems.
Harris in cloud cuckoo land yet again....