Audi a5 2008 3.0 245 hp

Nick the greek

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Hi guys im thinking to make a remap in apr and will go to 310 ps.. but i want also to change the exchaust because i want it louder... what can i do por the best work.. first the remap and after the exchaust or first the exchaust and after remap?? And what can i do for a noiser exchaust thank all of you..


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You're best off getting all the hardware mods done first, before any remaps. Anything you want to change in terms of exhaust, induction, intercooler etc, get that all done.

That way when you get your remap, it'll take into account the mods and you'll get the best outcome. The downpipe and cat are the most restrictive parts of the exhaust, everything after that will mostly just affect the sound.

Also what desertstorm said.