Audi A4 Avant 3.0 V6 Quattro 2003

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Well when to pick up the Audi A4 Avant up from Derby today, was located at some posh Italian Cafe and hidden around the back in the yard, when the owner opened the gates and i first seen it was well impressed, looked loads better in person than on the pictures, Very well looked after, all belts, water pump done, new brakes, tyres and so on......

Audi A4 Avant - 3.0 V6
Full leather, Dual climate, etc etc
Full History

Only probs with it is its missing the tow eye cover from the front, No parcel shelf and the problem i had at first with the Leon, Boot unlocks when it wants, Going to sort these next week,

Future plans

My RH Wheels
Satin Audi rings front and back
De badge rear
Satin Grill surrounds
Purple Calipars
Purple & Black engine cover
Gear knob
Carbon interior inserts

Only thing im stuck on is, the colour of the car is like a charcole black, wanted to do the window trim (Chrome trim) and my wheel centres and dishes black, will i have to do them body coloured or will satin black centres and dishes look better.








Will get some pictures of the interior soon, On the way back from Derby when i picked the car up only had 40 Miles left in so a mile down the road before setting off i put £40 in the tank, took the guage to half way, when i got home still had 170 Miles left :)


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Very Nice, get those lowers painted too :)

Paul @ Unit 9 Remaps

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Cleaned the car today, first time since last week when me and Ian (sprout99) machine polished it etc, happy with the results.



Also Debadged the rear, Left the Audi rings as want a new set and paint them satin black.


Also took the front Chrome badge and grill surrounds out to paint Satin Black


Paul @ Unit 9 Remaps

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not much of an update, But this afternoon took the standard airbox out, smoothed the top and bottom completely took all the ridges away, and added some holes cold side of the box,

It sounds much better, id say double the sound which it sounds nice, but remember doing this back in the day to old astra GTE's etc and sound was way louder :(

Basicly not as loud as i expected it maybe just me, debating weather to get an Open Cone, I.E Jetex or Green cotton and making my own heatshield like the Jabbasport one i had for the Leon.

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Went down to Johns this morning to get the Avant mapped.

Had in my head what i was going to get out of it etc, But my word, ive never had a mapped N/A before, and its miles better than i expected, its awesome having no lag, you cant half tell its been done' so smooth and the torque is very impressive, also alot more roar than before too which has put a massive smile on my face. all in all John @ Big Fish Tuning has done it again.

Also another suprise which he had, he gave me some business cards he had made up, and on the back is a picture of my Leon' I appreciate that so much and is so nice of the fella as it acknowledges the work i put into that car, massive thanks John, you a star



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I've been thinking about having mine done , but didn't think it'd be worth it on N/A engines !
Is it alot more drivable ?

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Picked these up tonight' AP Coilovers, Virtually brand new used for around a month and a half or some thing' Complete and still with warranty etc. Just need to get new top mounts etc for.



Also took the tyres of my RH wheels last week, and the bolts out one' need to do the rest, ready to paint. Going for Satin black centres with matching Satin black dishes with Polished bolts for now. Just think it will be alittle different from the polished dishes as alot of people have them now especially with REPS.




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Just seen your post on Ed38 ! Looking forward to seeing this lowered ! And those wheels in black mmm !


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car looks amazing mate i am going to see john at the end of the month to get my 2.5tdi v6 mapped should give it more kick and my mates 2.0turbo astra mapped.. he seems canny? how long does it take? think i seen you leon at the diner a19 and around middlesborough at a few meets :)

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Well, Nuts are cleaned up on the wheel and are now soaking in Diesel, Bolts have had there threads cleaned and are now soaking in White Vinegar.


Wheels have been given a good wash as they have been stored for some time now' And they going to get paint soon.


Sarah's A3

looking great. Love that engine.

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Thanks ;)

Havnt yet got anymore progress, been trying to hunt for a MS Design Avant rear bumper as they Hens teeth after picking up a MS Design Front :)


Also Bought a Genuine Ross Tech' Hex+USB+Can Lead along with this handy tool for Milage correction' TV Activation, Key Coding, Imo's and so on.



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I wondered if anyone off here would buy that front bumper cover ! I presume it was the one that was on eBay ? I was tempted but managed to get an S-line one for a steal instead.

When are the RH's going on ?!


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Subscribed! That engine is sweet though!
By the way are you planning to do exhaust by any chance?
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Where did you pick the S4 rear, I'm looking for one but no luck!

Guess I'm not looking hard enough! But yeah let me know from where as that is on the top of my list!

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The Rear Bumper got delivered yesterday' The picture of it previously posted was from the add, Had a look at it today and its in great condition apart from some very light surface scuffing on one corner, but ill probs get it painted with the Front one i have anyway, its probs in better condition than the one thats on now. Going to give it a wash at the weekend and ill take some decent pictures of it.

Theres only one slight dilemna' The new rear has parking Sensors' and theres 2 missing where as the standard bumper which is on now doesnt have Parking sensors, So may look into if i can get 2 sensors for the bumper cheap and maybe wire them in, if i didnt take take that option its filling and smoothing the holes when it gets painted.


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Just looked at your pic of the rear bumper you just bought. It seems like the S-Line rear bumper rather than the S4 rear bumper. I've just bought an S-Line front end with the cross member, fogs and middle grill from ebay for a good price. Gonna go and pick it up today. Its just finding someone to get it painted that's the headache. Just too many cowboys around.