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Audi A3 S-line fog light DRL

Dynamo86 Sep 6, 2018

  1. Dynamo86

    Dynamo86 New Member

    Hi all,

    New to this forum but have been using and reading this forum a lot since getting my Audi A3 S-line.

    I have a VAGCOM lead and have made some nice adjustments to the car.

    My latest adjustment is making the fog lights as DRL's however, the original DRL's are still active and would like to know how to switch off if possible Le leaving only the fog lights.

    These are non-xeon lights.

    Sorry if there is a post like this, but I didn't see it


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    Last edited: Sep 6, 2018
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  3. ch1z64

    ch1z64 C'mon you's bhoy's in Green TFSI Owners Group Silver Supporter Team Sprint Audi S3 Manual

    Did u happen to do an Autoscan or take pics off the coding before changing it as the clue could be in there,
  4. Dynamo86

    Dynamo86 New Member

    I've done an autos can but no pic of the code before. What do you think it could be?

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