For Sale Audi A3 8V FL MIB2 MMI Controller FL to PFL RED LED Conversion Service + 1 in stock for outright purchase


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For those converting their PFL cars to the later FL MIB2 MMI setup.

When doing this, you will either have to use the original PFL controller (not advised, you lose some functionality and the Carplay/Android Auto is a real pain without the FL joystick wheel), or use the FL controller.

The FL Controller has white LED's, the PFL has RED. So you end up with a mismatch of colours in the cabin which looks absolutely pony.

I can convert your FL console to light up RED , using genuine Audi LED's, so the colours match.

Extremely difficult and costly to do. Hazzydayz were charging around £400 just to convert your own console and they no long offer the service due to the technical nature of doing it.

£150 to convert including return postage - you will need to provide a FL and PFL console

£225 everything included, ready to install - 1 in stock, BE variant (no touch input)

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