Audi A3 2007 TDI 170 - Waterpump & Timing belt recommendations


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Good morning,

I recently had the coolant warning flash up on the dashboard only to be met with a dripping engine. Either the seals or the water pump itself has failed.

I'm looking to do the replacement myself but am a little stuck in what parts (brands) to use and where to buy them from as I've seen a lot of variation in prices.

Anyone got any experience and recommendations?

As an aside, a diagnostic showed an issue with the glow plug controller - any recommendations on that?

Many thanks for any advice


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oem from audi, I'm using dayco and meyle hd uprated pump, gates should be all right as well, just be sure you got whole kit with all bolts and pulleys as they all need to be replaced.


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Hi @Rhaen, in Facebook Messenger give mjr901 a message - he's a VAG Parts specialist who many on here use. He'll make sure you get all the correct/necessary parts. Alternatively, there is the Parts Request at the top of the page.