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Are dash cams an issue during a M.O.T ?

Alistair D Dec 28, 2019

  1. Alistair D

    Alistair D Hey GOOOOD looking

    I recently put my car in for its MOT and had removed the dash cam but left the suction cup as it was hard wired, this was mostly hidden by the rear view mirror.
    After getting the car back I found that someone had released the suction and left the cup hanging, now in a place that would have obscured my view even more.
    What was their point?
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  3. LawrenceH

    LawrenceH Active Member

    As long as it doesn’t obscure the drivers view then it’s no problem. Mine sits right behind the mirror on the passenger side and has never been mentioned.
  4. Bryant1998

    Bryant1998 Well-Known Member

    As far as I know, if the obstruction is fixed then it could be a MOT failure, they probably unstuck it so that they wouldn’t be forced to mention the ‘fixed’ visual obstruction

    With the extra heat on MOT places recently they’re probably just covering their own back while also not forcing you to come back for a retest (even tho it’d be foc, it’s an inconvenience to you both)
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  5. cuke2u

    cuke2u Well-Known Member

    This, my car just passed it's first mot without a mention to the dashcam. Of course if people fit theirs in places where the view is obstructed within the wipers swept area then expect a possible failure: https://www.roadhawk.co.uk/articles/product-placement-is-your-dash-cam-breaking-the-law

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