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  • Hello Rom, I need to get my sat nav dvd drive unlocked to update my maps. Is there any chance you could help?
    Thanks, Ali
    Hi Rom My brother lives just north of Bristol and would like a couple of codes changed using VCDS. I have the details of the codes but the wrong cable for his VW Polo 1.2 TSI.
    Dave (h5djr)
    Hey Rom, I was wondering if you be able to help me with an engine light fault, i think its the auxiliary water pump

    I work down the road from you, so hoping to pop in during lunch.


    Hi there. Finally managed to register with Audi-Sport.. Having trouble with my A3 2.0TDI 2003. My steering has gone very stiff with a red steering wheel light on the dash board. Would you be able to help? I live in Bath.

    Kind Regards

    Hey buddy. Just seen you listed on the map of VCDS users. I was wondering if you were free Wednesday evening at all and if you'd mind plugging in to my car and changing the lights for driving on the wrong side of the road? I have an 8p3 with the adaptive xenon lights. I'd be happy to exchange your services for some beers or something along those lines if that works.

    No trouble if you can't.

    hiya mate I noticed you had a smoking issue regarding an audi a3 I have the same problem did u manage to sort it ?? if you did what was it mate ?? I'm
    in the same boat as you were
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