Anyone know anything about CD multichangers?


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Apr 29, 2011
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The North

I'm gradually working through the faults/niggles/problems with my TQS before I start lavisihing mega bucks on it.

It has the (Bose) Audi Concert radio cassette with a 6 CD changer in the boot.

Every now and again , the display comes up with "NO CD" and the CD stops playing and you either have to select another CD (which works only sometimes) or go to the radio.

I've tried a head cleaner CD, didn't work, and it's not skipping either cos it does it even when you are stationery. The weird thing is, when you manage to get the CD back on, after you've had the radio on, it picks up exactly where it left off!

It's only a minor problem but it is starting to get on my nerves a bit. Anyone got any suggestions please?
^^What he said I found the concert crap along with the volume issue bought the cd changer and it would only skip CDs and not tracks so sold that for a bit more than I paid and went for a Sony Xplod unit and changer and that never skips a beat !!
I have an MP3 capable head unit, and i simply burn a CDR with 5 or 6 albums and slot it in.

Theres a collection of CD-R's in the glove box hence much easier to access than messing around with a changer in the boot, and if i wreck a CD i toss the disk and burn a new one. Keeps my good CD's away from the car, and gives me a large collection of stuff to play as and when i want.

I guess the modern approach would be to use an SD card or USB stick, so i'll maybe look at that when i change my head unit.
Haha. Right. The bin it is then. Shame, cos the sound quality is actually really good.
Nope, its really not! A decent head unit will really improve things all round. You will probably want to bypass the stupid rear amp though for best results.
Thanks. I must've had some pretty ****e systems in my other cars then cos I thought it was alright haha!

Any recommendations on a good head unit?
A lot of it comes down to personal preference i guess.

I have a Pioneer P3630MP in the avant, which is probably 6 or 7 years old now but works nicely and i like it. It has red illumination and white text which suits the TQS's interior just perfectly.

I'll probably buy a more recent version of the same unit when i buy one for the Shed, i had my eye on a Pioneer 6300SD, which looks pretty decent.

DEH-6300SD CD Tuner with iPod Control, Front USB, SD and 3 Hi-Volt RCA Pre-outs (Red) (2011 Model) - Pioneer Car Audio - CD Player
Slight hijack.....

Can the amp be wired in with an aftermarket headunit as mine seems to give pretty good bass. Or s it best to fit an amp to drive purely a sub?

Dont want to use too much boot space up though, hence wanting to keep original amp/speaker.

I've got a lovely Sony headunit to go in. Well, choice of two.
You can wire in the original amp, but its pretty crap.

I did this on the avant:



The JBL GTO runs the four door speakers and the Sony Xplod runs the sub.

Depends how far you want to go though ofcourse.
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^^ I did a build on my old Avant. Had to use what was to hand as my ex was a bit of a miserable witch and any spending on the car usually resulted in her being in a pissy mood for 6 weeks.

The system was originally in my old XR2i that got written off by a knob in a BMW who drove straight into the back of it 2 weeks after it was photographed for Performance Ford magazine.



Not ideal but it actually sounded ok with a 4ch amp running the front Kenwood component mids with Kicker tweeters and the 6x9's in the top of the box and the 2ch amp bridged and running the sub
I've left my speakers stock, the adaptors to fit aftermarket ones are ****e, and the stock speakers actually sound alright once you clip some of the bass out (thats what the subs there for!) and drive them with a decent amount of power.

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