Anyone Fitted an IPE Exhaust to their S7?


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Hi Guys,

Im looking for some info on how the IPE exhaust connects to the S6/7 cables that control the exhaust butterfly valves.

Is there a left and right cable from the IPE box to the original audi cables, or is it a single cable that connects to either the left or right audi connector?

I fancy putting an IPE on my S7, but struggling to get info on whether the electrics will fit the C7.5 with just the single passenger side actuator. The physical shape of the exhaust hasn't changed from the C7 to the C7.5



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No idea, but the text you can find online suggests it's remote? On my A6 BiTdi, you select the exhaust mode using the MMI.


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Hi jojo.

There is a 3 button remote - Open-Close-Auto

For the Auto to function there is a connection required to the ECU in order to read/trigger an open valve command above a certain RPM. Its this part Im struggling with as Audi changed the spec on the valves on the 2016 model (from 2 valves - 1 each side - to a single valve on the passenger side. The iPE has two valves)

The southern IPE dealers aren't sure, and wont order the system without confirmation it will fit. IPE themselves are not being helpful ("We've not tested the iPE system in a 2016 S7, so are unable to comment")

Ive heard the iPE on an RS5, and its as good as/better than the Akrapovic - at half the price :racer: