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Alloy wheels Query Please help

markmac89 Oct 9, 2018

  1. markmac89

    markmac89 New Member

    hello Audiheeedz

    I have a A4 Dtm Rollling on 19"s

    first query is will the steering angle sensor adaptations still work on the SRS.
    its a much wider wheel than than the standard its currently Euro'ed out.

    also 2nd is i have s4 brake frontbreak 345mm set up does that mean i have to run 18" and above to keep it sweet?

    Any input would be great.


    thank you
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  3. petetheprop

    petetheprop Phantom Black S4 Cabriolet

    Not sure on the first question but on the second point I fitted a 17Inch 7.5j A4 wheel to my S4 temporarily and it fits past the brakes but it was very tight. I would say it is possible to get away with a 17 but will depend on offset and spoke shape etc. I currently have 18inch DTM wheels on mine which are fine (factory option on the S4). They are also for sale in the classifieds if you wanted to go back to stock.

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