Air condition intermittent problems V6 tdi

Jonny Wilson

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I have a 2007 56 plate Audi A4 3.0tdi Quattro. I have had it just over one year. Done 115k.
Recently the air con ECON light just came on and I got the pressure switch changed for a new one. (Recommend by the garage). The problem then became intermittent and didn't go away. The car turns on and the ECON light just goes on and off and then on a long run, more than 30 mins it stays on completely. The engineer said that the readings are that it pressurises, then randomly goes to 30bar. When turned off and on again is normal then goes crazy again.
As I have now spent £300 quid on this I am annoyed that it hasn't been fixed.

Please give me some help. I am a clanky by trade but air con is well outta my league. I own a vcds.