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  1. Fatihh_s

    A4 Avant Spacers help!

    I recently got my second b7 a4 which I have started touching up a bit. The thing that is bothering me about the car is that the wheels are sticking way too in, especially the rear ones. So, I have started looking for some spacers, could anyone that has experience please help me what spacer size...
  2. L

    Squealing power steering pump

    What aux belt do i need for ac delete on a 2.0tdi pd170? Used a dayco belt 202772125 off a 1.6 a3 that worked but far too tight. Tia
  3. _gonnners

    Audi A4 B7 2.0 tfsi 147kw quattro

    I have a problem with the engine 2.0 tfsi BGB 147kw Quattro. When the wiring, oil, filters and spark plugs was changed, the car did not vented as it should. A car was started in about 15 minutes, everything was all right, but after one kilometer the engine over heated to 130 degrees. The...
  4. M

    Problem Coding RNSE Bluetooth

    Hi everyone, just a quick question I bought one of those AUX port bluetooth adapters, i wired it in and updated the RNS-E to SW0650 When i tried to code the bluetooth adapter in with VCDS 19.6, I could only connect to the engine and ABS modules. Whenever i tried the navigation(37) one, or any...
  5. Will Johnstone

    2005 A4 b7 2.0 tdi BRE 8ec 140hp - Engine fault non starter

    I have 3 close up engine videos on a playlist on youtube with good sound quality if anyone can help me diagnose this? Suspected Starter Motor fault. Just click the youtube link below to view the videos. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help with advice...
  6. J

    Help - A4 b7 TPMS tyre pressure monitoring retrofit issues

    Hi all Following guilds and a bit of research I have retrofitted; DIS Cruise control Highline steering control module Direct TPMS Fitting the hardware was easy enough and the coding was reasonably straight forward, however I'm not completely finish as I've a couple of problems. DIS- no...
  7. D

    A4 b7 2.0t Clutch Upgrade

    Hi, Im new to this forum and im looking for a new clutch kit with flywheel. Im from the UK and all i can find is awesome gti's sachs clutch kit but it doesnt include a flywheel. Like most people im going down the power route and want to get a performance one. Only kits that ive found are from...
  8. P

    For Sale Audi A4 Special Editon S Line Estate 2.0 T 220bhp

    Audi A4 Special Edition S Line Estate 2.0 T Petrol Quality car, fully running, everything working as it should do. No silly modifications, think it could have had a remap as it boosts really well, but no proof of this , could be because it’s the 220BHP top speed model. Four owners from new...
  9. Jordan Reep

    ANY HELP? Need a new front grill!

    Hi guys! I've got a b7 A4 S-line and I want to fit the RS4 style front grill, I can only find repelicas that fit the non S-line model. Does anyone know where I could find one or if anyone has one for sale? Many thanks!
  10. Diddy2480

    2.0tfsi injector clips a4 b7

    Do the injectors pull out with the clips intact most of the time or of your careful its gonna be my first removal and replacement .... Can i reuse the clips Im installing S3 injectors and from what i gather theyre a straight fit... bought the seal kit but stupidly not the one which includes...
  11. V6_Man

    Suggestions please! Remapping Audi A4 B7 2.0 Tdi - Max Torque Multitronic Gearbox (GYJ) can handle

    Hi Folks, Need some suggestion / evidence, please! My B7, which is a daily is a 2.0 Tdi (140bhp), with a BRE engine, has 68k on the clock and comes with a multitronic gearbox (code GYJ). I want to stage 1 remap the car including egr deleted and mapped out. I have been googling for sometime...
  12. J

    2.0 TDI B7 wont start.

    Hi guys need some expert advice been struggling with this for weeks and dont know where to go next. Story starts that a bought a 2005 a5 2.0 tdo blb (140) with what I was told needed a turbo. Got it home to find that she needed more than a turbo, the head was away and she was pressuring the...
  13. J

    Air condition intermittent problems V6 tdi

    I have a 2007 56 plate Audi A4 3.0tdi Quattro. I have had it just over one year. Done 115k. Recently the air con ECON light just came on and I got the pressure switch changed for a new one. (Recommend by the garage). The problem then became intermittent and didn't go away. The car turns on and...
  14. B

    Does my car have DPF?

    Hi there Im just trying to find out if my late 2005 A4 2.0TDI has a DPF filter on it? From what i have read it seems it should not however I want to be sure so I know which oil i need to do an oil change. I have found the one specifically for the PD engine however there is one for cars with DPF...
  15. J

    Front fog lights HELP! going insane

    Hi everyone. new to this site, not new to vags have just bought a b7 2.0tdi sline also have a lemans blue e90. anyway i bought the car quite cheap, she was a bit neglected - tar like oil, worn discs, worn tires, heating not working, back of driver seat missing :wtf: have fixed everything this...
  16. A

    Retrofitting cruise control + DIS - A4 B7

    Looking for some help , tried upgrading to cruise and dis but after changing the coding they still both won't work. Has anyone got any ideas ? Followed this guide : http://www.audi-sport.net/xf/threads/cruise-control-installation-guide.191791/
  17. Squattro4

    Aux/Bluetooth/Phone connection options?

    Hi Guys, I apologise if this has been asked 1000 times, but my attempt at searching the forum turned up some very old results with dead links/discontinued products. I have an 05 A4 S-line with RNS-E (Audi Navigation Plus anyway) with the 6 cd changer in the glove box, i am desperately looking...
  18. Ciaran Brown

    Audi A4 B7 Grill/Number plate recess confusion. Please help?..

    Hello im new on here and soon to be buying a 56/07 plate A4 B7. Already got many plans for it one of which is paining the chrome grill surround and the grey rectangular slots of the grill black. I'd also like the number plate recess smoothed ive seen quite a lot like this but never known how its...
  19. aloakos

    Brakes upgrade (from A4 B7 1.8TQ to A4 DTM 2.0TQ)

    I've just upgraded my brakes from stock 1.8T to A4 DTM 2.0TQ. The diameter is slightly larger but the thickness is more (new 320X30MM 5/112; PR-1LA, old 312X25 5/112) Also the brake pad surface is 30% more. The job is very easy and no special tools are needed. The only "catch" is the...
  20. chris fry


    Hi can anyone tell me how to take out the cupholder tray, i have read other posts that talk about taking the trim off above the cupholder but i have another compartment without any obvious way of removing it. i only want to take it off to clean it thoroughly its got 8 years of coffee embedded in it.