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  1. harmless

    harmless Registered User

    looking at purchasing either a 2014 or 15 model, after owning the a4 b7 tdi what are the engines like in the all roads 2.0 TDI if anything like the b7 ill be looking else where as its been problem after problem.
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  3. toadusmodus

    toadusmodus Registered User

    Can't comment on the 2.0TDI, but the 3.0 is brilliant. Very smooth, makes a nice noise when extended, and plenty of power and torque. Suprisingly free revving for a diesel too.

    Edited to add, if you are just after info on the engines, try asking on the main A4 forum, as the engines are the same as in the Allroad. Hope that helps!
  4. Adam Stephenson

    Adam Stephenson Registered User

    I've got the 2010 B8 2.0TDI & overall more than happy with the pick up and pull through all gears. 1st is sluggish as with most diesel's but once the revs increase and you get the turbo spinning its good. My first new (ish) derv and impressed with its performance, plus MPG is impressive averaging about 40 city driving. I would assume the more recent models and engines are even better.

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