Audi air suspension procedure after fitting a new air strut


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Mar 28, 2020
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Looking for some advice, have tried the Q7 section without a answer and as they are much the same can anyone help.. i am replacing both my air rear struts on my Q7 and wondering what is the procedure when finished obviously there is no air in the unit, will be doing one at a time on a jack, so after fitting back on and im on the high height mode in jack mode, so i should think is take it out of jack mode first of all, do you start the car let the compressor inflate the strut whilst its jacked up and let it down when the compressor has filled it, or do you let it down on the ground and let it fill when down? this may damage the strut? checked all the Arnott videos and they show how to do everything but dont mention the procedure after you have replaced it any ideas?