A7 Sportback 3.0 tiptronic gear selector schematic problem


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Jul 8, 2021
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Hello All

I have run into a problem whilst trying to set up some testing for the gear lever J587 for this car:

[IMG alt="Click image for larger version.

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I had it connected as showing in the schematic here

[IMG alt="Click image for larger version.

Name: AUDIschematic.PNG
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This is the Gear selector circuit for those interested

[IMG alt="Click image for larger version.

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Then i made sure all is connected as it should be, ECU J623, TCU J743 , convenience module and so on. The instrument cluster, however did not show which gear was selected and the selector display was lit but not lighting specific gears.

I had a look at 8 gear schematic and it look pretty similar with a couple differences. One main difference is this picture:

[IMG alt="Click image for larger version.

Name: AUDIschematic8gear.PNG
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the green purple going to pin8 T16a and grey white pin11 T16a, as you can see it does not say which pin on the gear selector it should go to. For this reason I have ordered a new gear lever selector to see if the one I had was faulty. With no avail the one ordered was not responding either.

I then proceeded to compare schematic with the cable that arrived with the 'new lever' the cable that attached to the input output of the selector and active pins are 3,4,5,6,7,8 and you can see this from the picture below:

[IMG alt="Click image for larger version.

Name: PINOUT.jpg
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the schematic of active pins were 3,6,7,8,9. Its really strange to me and I cannot work how it should be connected together. My assumption is that the pins pin8 T16a and pin11 T16a (or whatever it should be in the one i am using) should do something. I was checking and there was a signal coming from pin4 on the original one and pin5. My thinking is that PIN on the gear lever should go where pin9 is currently going and I am left with a spare cable on the TCU which I would connect the pin5 to, but I do not know and havent tried that yet and i cannot until i get a new lever, because the ones I have seem broken