Possible trade in for A7 Sportback Black Edition BiTDi 3.0 TDI Tiptronic


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Feb 4, 2016
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Hi guys,

We currently have the Q5 2016 Special Edition Suzuka grey but the panoramic sunroof is doing my absolute head in, it just doesn't stop creaking. A new sunroof was fitted but the noise returned with a few months. That and the fact I miss the power of our old A7 S-Tronic a couple years ago when we had one.

So we are now being offered a deal on a Tiptronic 3.0 A7 Sportback 320 PS (black edition), the Dealership has offered us £19k for a 66 plate Q5 with 32k miles + £5k on top for a 66 plate A7 with 41k miles with quite a few good Tech additions like Park Assist, HUD and Adaptive Air Suspension ( and doesn't have a sunroof - Yes!)

Can anyone advise if the the BiTdi is a good car to get, and would I notice the difference between our last A7 which was S-Tronic and the one being offered which is the Tiptronic, are gear changes pretty much the same timing even though the S has the dual? Also any known faults which we should watch out for?
My other half is a bit wary because the A7 we purchased previously had a new rear Diff fitted and the Audi Sales guy said the gear change knock was normal.... She's right to be wary now due to this! It also had the dreaded squeal when rolling down the windows...

I will definitely be taking out the extended warranty which normally gets offered at the end of the 1st year, pretty sure you get a discount then it changes to normal costs.

Any help and advise would be good, even if its to take a swerve and keep the Q5.
I have no experience of the A7 but I did have the SQ5.
The engine is great and was a highlight of the car, the tiptronic box was also good but don't expect gearchangss like the stronic, it's quick just not stronic quick. Its a good gearbox though and bulletproof unlike the stronic.
I did get a squeak on the panroof in the SQ5.
I found it went away when I applied slight pressure to the rear of the front glass unit. I cleaned the strip that the opening section sits on at the back edge and it got rid of the squeak straight away and never came back....might be worth a try?
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My other half took it out for a test Drive yesterday and was not impressed with the take off at junctions/roundabouts, it was exactly like the delay in the Q5, half the time I'm shouting at the Q5 to hurry up and go go go. So much for 320 PS :(

I think it's back to the drawing board and stick to the S-Tronic which we had before, there was far better pick up

I'll give that a try Ju, but think my mind is set on returning to the A7
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Your right about the pick up at junctions, not instantaneous, but you kinda get used to it. Mine's been in to Audi to check if there are any updates, but mine's all up to date. Just need to press the pedal slightly earlier or knock it into sport mode.
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Ok going back to this Lag issue,

I’ve been reading on other forums that the car can ‘learn’ whether your an aggressive driver or conservative. Could the A7 BiTDi eventually learn when you put the foot down it means go...not wait and delay.

Also would a remap fix the issue of the delay or is this something everyone has learnt to deal with, and as above mentioned, just press the accelerator slightly earlier..

I really can’t understand this, you buy a cracking 3.0 car with over 300 PS and you get delay....just doesn’t sound right :(
You are always going to get some amount of delay with any diesel, they get on the lower fairly quickly but it’s the nature of the beast

A remap would potentially provide an earlier power delivery but it is unlikely to completely remove build up

Get a petrol instead?
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You are always going to get some amount of delay with any diesel, they get on the lower fairly quickly but it’s the nature of the beast

A remap would potentially provide an earlier power delivery but it is unlikely to completely remove build up

Get a petrol instead?

Interesting, so you're saying it might be turbo lag rather than a lazy gearbox? Never thought it may be that?
I'm now in a tiptronic but have had 2 s-tronics, and the pull off from stop is the same, first gear on a diesel is over in a nano second

Any diesel engine takes time to spool up, smaller the turbo the less noticeable it will be, and my 2.0 probably did bite a bit quicker than the BiTDI
I watched a Youtube video last night, which brings another reason, which is quite possible due to the Gears.

The guy said when your slowing down, for example to a roundabout from 5th then 4th (auto), if you decide to go for it because you have space, the car does not drop the gear to 3rd, it sticks in 4th, which means as you push your foot down its not going to take off.

Watch from 3:50 which is a good explanation of when he thinks an Audi has Lag, shouldn't the car drop a gear to 3rd though because it knows you want power?

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if you floor it enough it will kick down, if you are gentle the car won't assume you need to downshift

if i want the car to know i need power, just pop it into sport which is very easy, or manually change down with the paddles

this guy seems to be annoyed mystic meg isn't contained in his mmi ;)
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So the way around it is when you reach a round about and see you have space, use the paddle and drop it a gear

Going to try that when I get home from working abroad, I might still go an see this BiTDi myself then and see how it is :)

She loves her Q5 and will kill me if I trade it in....but you only live once :)

Also just off topic:

I have enquired about 3-4 different Audi A7's (2016/17 models) and asked each dealership to wind both the windows down on their presentation video. Each one gave off the dreaded squeal when the windows moved up and down. I read on another forum, the general consensus was the window regulators need changed on each side, no "grease-up" was going to help, but having Audi change over the regulators (under warranty), fixed the problem for a fair few people. Known issue apparently!
yeah or click into sport mode, sometimes my car will automatically kick down 1/2 gears when i do that, it knows i'm about to summon it

haven't noticed any noise on my windows
no issues, read the first line of the post you linked "The problem occurs mainly when the windows get wet"

can't say i'd regularly open the window when it's raining lol

No after say its been raining, or when you've just washed the car.....

There's always one ;) lol

In fact, looking back, I think it actually squealed when it was dry... anyway! It's the regulators :)
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Ahhhhhh Pants !!!

So they can do it for one class but not ours...
Noticed a small squeak for 1 second when putting my wet window up yesterday, really no biggy
Hi guys, I have a 2012 A7 BiTDI and indeed I too noticed the "oh you want to pull away now?" from the car on the test drive. The sales man assured me it was common and could be sorted by changing down on the paddles (I know the salesman would assure me of anything to get a sale!).
The pull away is laggy, however I have had mine tuned by the legendary Bobby Singh and my transmission software was out of date too so he sorted that for me. While this hasn't fully eliminated that small delay it has dramatically decreased it.
I do leave mine mainly in Sport mode around town as it is just more responsive when you need it to be, and mix in a bit of the flappy paddle when needed.
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Mentioned the window noise to Audi today they have investigated and are going to replace the window seals
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