For Sale A6/S6 C5 Avant 4.2 V8 Quattro Tiptronic £1450


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Audi A6/S6 Avant C5 model. 1999. 4.2 V8 Quattro Tiptronic. Circa 300 bhp.

Full wide bodied Avant, alloy front wings and bonnet, only found on the V8s.

Copy of build sheet, practically an S6 build.

Full cream leather electric Recaros.

Recent quad exhaust back section.

New front brake calipers and pads, done around 150 miles.

Exact mileage unknown, clocks replaced at some point and not recorded, estimate around 135k. Pixels not good on display, usual fault.

Some history.

Was MOT’d on 25th Feb 2019 and driven home and not used since, two advisories, coolant leak and oil leak. Oil leak is cam cover gaskets. Coolant issue is a seized shut thermostat, engine overheats so not been driven, only to and from MOT station. Left alone as not my main car.

Car has great presence, always get admiring comments, looks good and sounds good.

Pretty quick for a 20 year old! It is no slouch and a bit of a sleeper, future classic for sure. This model was only built for a year and approx a 1000 made.

Gearbox good, shifts well on the steering wheel controls too.

Bose sound system, original TV/CD changer/sat Nav, aerial needs looking at.

Carbon wrapped door and dash trims, original wood underneath.

Not an immaculate car but solid, so expect the odd scar and scabs typical with this age of car.

Priced to reflect work required to remedy the overheating, cambelt service will be the sensible route as the belt may need removal to access the thermostat housing so I am told. I haven’t got the time or inclination to work on this as have a track car to focus on and that takes priority.

Comes with standard rear light clusters and S6 alloys (not great). Other parts being sold separately.

Buyer will need to arrange trailer or flatbed due to it running hot. I would not recommend driving it further than 4-5 miles!

Until I found what the overheating issue was I was booked to show this at Goodwood estate car Sunday! Last year it was at the retro weekender at Goodwood. Well worth saving as too good to break. I have to sell this as nearly talked myself into using the running gear in my track car! 08666004-8AFD-4F07-A444-5DB2B3651E2B.jpeg 3637801E-FC7E-4CBE-8371-98243C0F096A.jpeg 1C3375EE-34C4-44A8-8CB4-FC94CA4F289B.jpeg


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