A5/S5 Picture Thread

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My 3.0 tdi. Mods coming soon

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Only had it a week and it's going in for the oil use test so don't know if I'll still have it in a week but here we go.
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Afternoon well spent detailing the engine bay

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New wheels on. Not the best of pics to show them off but will take some more once it's lowered and has the spacers on :laughing:


A5 2.0 TFSI S-Tronic Quattro Convertible
Current mods - Forge Dump Valve - K&N Induction Kit - Tints - 20" Vossen HF-1
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A5 1
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Just picked this up last week. 2.0TFSI :)

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20180903 181038 resized Large
Pic of my new Audi A5 Coupe S line Black Edition - Scuba Blue in Dingle Ireland
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Gave it a wash yesterday.
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Stuck new wheels on it. Waiting on new 8mm spacers to arrive to finish them off.
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8mm spacers didnt fit properly so stuck on the 12mm ones I already had today.

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Good idea. .what's the best way to secure it

Old bit of number plate with countersunk screws. Then sticky-pads. I just chopped up the original number plate holder on mine.

Here’s an up-to-date pic of mine with the KW V3 coil overs installed.
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I have just ordered the new A5 2018 and was wondering where can I get the RS5 style grill with the logos.
My latest A5. Black edition. External Styling pack. B&O Sound system

Only upgrades ive done is led to inside
So far

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Spotted this beauty risking it in the center of town last
Upload 2019 8 9 14 5 52
Friday night ...
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Been loving the looks of my S5 since the first day! Safe to say it's a great partner to travel with.

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