A5 Folding Mirrors / Door Modules


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May 14, 2015
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I have attempted to retrofit folding mirrors on my late 2012 audi a5 coupe (facelift)

i have fitted the following parts for the folding mirrors

8T2 857 409 AH 3FZ -left mirror
8T2 857 410 AH 3FZ -right mirror
8K0 959 565 C WEP -door trim
8K0 959 565 B -mirror switch
8T0 919 173 A -light ring
7L6 868 243 -clip
(all brand new)

I understand i need to replace the door control modules

i have purchased and fitted

8t0 959 792J and 793J which I am lead to believe are highline door modules for facelift A5

now my car does not lock nor does it operate the mirrors at all - the door lock switch does not even illuminate
i have done the obvious and attempted coding the units but still no joy

I can only presume these modules are not compatible with my car

can anyone shed some light and let me know which units may be compatible?

here is a list of the associated components fitted from factory:

Address 42: Door Elect, Driver (J386) Labels: 8K0-959-793.clb
Part No SW: 8T0 959 793 Q HW: 8T0 959 793 F

Address 46: Central Conv. (J393) Labels: 8K0-907-064-46.clb
Part No SW: 8K0 907 064 GE HW: 8K0 907 064 FE

Address 09: Cent. Elect. (J519) Labels: 8K0-907-063.clb
Part No SW: 8K0 907 063 DH HW: 8K0 907 063 DH

Address 52: Door Elect, Pass. (J387) Labels: 8K0-959-792.clb
Part No SW: 8T0 959 792 Q HW: 8T0 959 792 H